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Brown woods & associates

champaign, IL

"I love my [zoned] system.  If you ever need anyone to contact me as a reference, I'm fine with it.  I mean this thing is great!"

                                                                                        -John Brown


John & charlene pope

bement, IL

"You guys made sure we got everything we needed including a place for my shoes."  (We built him a shoe caddy next to a mechanical chase that we made in the master bedroom.)

                                                                                                -John Pope

​​​​​(217)  714-7499

And now a word from our happy customers

no website is truly complete without a page dedicated to their customers.  each one of our customers are real people with real needs that were met or exceeded by our hard work and diligence.  our goal is 100% satisfaction, no more, no less.  We will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal and just to prove it, here are a few reasons.

We are not like other companies where you are just another customer.  We are people too, just the same as you.  I, personally, am involved in all dealings with our customers and I will continue to do so until I am physically unable.  The reason "why" is simple: because I like making people's lives better and as long as I have the capability, I most certainly will.  There is nothing that we can't or won't do.                                       

​                                                                                                                                                                                             -Derek Wyse